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Spices are considered staple ingredients of any kitchen.  Over the years, people’s life styles and working practices have changed and this has impacted also the way they cook their foods.  The nosh range of Recipe Spices provide a short cut to great meals for Cooks, Housewives and Chefs who are intent on reducing time, labor and inconveniences associated with cooking without compromising the quality and taste of the prepared dish.

Our Recipe Spices Vegetable Pastes and Chutneys forms a mouth-watering triangle of Flavor, Aroma and Taste when used in combination.  We produce more than 30 types of recipe spices used for the preparation of Curries, Rice, BBQ, Roasts, Fried & Baked meat. These dishes form the basic core of all Desi Cuisine. You can cook Chicken, Mutton, Beef, Fish, Vegetables, Grams and Lentil through our recipe spices range.  

The processing and packaging of the spices are done under hygienic conditions and strict quality control and as per the supervision of professionals who leave no scope for any flaws in the product.  For processing, we use pure quality ingredients sourced from trusted vendors in the market. 

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