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No Desi meal is complete without a sweet dish that follows up a regular meal. It is like a Grand Finale or Happy Ending of a delectable eating experience. Kheer or Rice Pudding is a classic dessert of Desi Cooking. It is usually flavored with nuts, coconut & dates. We have 6 different types of Kheers from standard Rice Pudding to Gajar (Carrot) Ki Kheer for all taste buds. Our Vermicelli Kheer, Firni Khas and Sheer Khurma are a must on the occasions of festivals and celebrations. Gulab Jaman and Ras Malai are two of the most popular desi Sweets. Gulab Jamun is immersed in a sweet syrup while Ras Malai is dipped in sweet milk. Kulfa and Kulfi are desi versions of icecreams. Now you can make Yummy Kulfi & Delicious Kulfa without any hassle in your own kitchen through our Kulfi Malai & Kulfa Khoya Desserts. Falooda is the perfect summer refreshing drink. It is made up of flavored milk, ice cream and jelly. Our Falooda’s come in Jelly & Rabri flavors. The crystal jelly is provided inside the packing, so there is no need to buy it. We have made it possible to easily and conveniently prepare all of the above mentioned Desserts & Sweets at home.

We at nosh Food are determined to provide our customers with products of outstanding taste that leaves a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. Therefore, we are always looking for better quality ingredients and newer preparation methods.

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